Anthem’s Enemy Types and Behaviors Affected by Time of Day

Details for Anthem continue to slowly trickle out. While a recently released and lengthy gameplay demo offers a glimpse at the game in action, there remain myriad questions in need of answering. Thankfully, executive producer Mark Darrah often takes to Twitter to address a few of them. One of the producer’s most recent response to fan inquiries concerns the game’s enemies, specifically their types and behaviors.

In the Tweet below, a fan asks if the time of day will influence Anthem’s enemy types and how they behave. Darrah’s answer simply affirms that this is indeed the case.

Darrah does not divulge anything else beyond the mere confirmation. However, his answer does offer a morsel of insight with regards to what players should expect. That said, it also raises several new questions. Are there creatures that only traverse the world at night? Do those typically seen during the daytime behave in a more aggressive manner when the sun goes down? If behavior changes, does it reflect in an enemy’s appearance? This should be especially interesting, considering the emphasis BioWare will place on story and choice.

Of course, for many, the first game that comes to mind when thinking of how day and night cycles affect enemies is Dying Light. Some of Dying Light’s infected become stronger and far more agile during the night time. As such, this increases the overall challenge of the game, encouraging players to alter their style of play and think strategically. It even affects how players utilize daylight hours. Certain tasks are easier to accomplish without worrying about the challenge of nocturnal creatures.

How this will work in Anthem is likely to remain a mystery for some time. If so, the months leading up to Anthem’s release are bound to be intriguing. BioWare’s latest launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

[Source via GameRant]