State of mind release date

Solve the Conspiracy This August with State of Mind on PS4

Developed by Daedalic, State of Mind is a futuristic, dystopian thriller finally has a release date. Recently rated M by the ESRB, State of Mind has a cryptic polygonal artstyle to go with its disturbing story. You play as Richard Nolan, a journalist whose life is falling apart (because of course). “His wife and child have disappeared and his memories are slipping away.” The world has begun to fill society with drones and humanoid robots, which are starting to replace humans in the public work sector. With everything connected, “surveillance has become omnipresent.” Your job is to investigate what’s going on with both Richard’s life and the world at large. Below is what you can expect from this 15 hour adventure game.

State of Mind features: 

  • An unsettling vision of the near future players can throw themselves into
  • Dive into a multi-layered Sci-Fi thriller, where dystopian reality and digital utopia are intertwined
  • Unravel a global conspiracy in a society of ubiquitous digitalism, surveillance and transhumanism
  • Explore a world with a rich and unique visual style, combining realistic environments with low-poly characters
  • Take on the role of journalist Richard Nolan, as well as five additional playable characters
  • Use dexterity, deductional skill and research to reconstruct Richard‘s past

It looks intriguing but personally, I’m over the robot debates and pontification regarding the advancement of technology.  Although the game’s author assures us this will be different and will examine the humanity itself rather than engage in technological questions:

[State of Mind is not] a game about the technology of tomorrow, but about tomorrow’s people. In the center of this narrative is the motif of separation and reunion. What happens, if the future creates fractures between body and mind? Between reality and constructs? Between biological and virtual ego?

State of Mind is available for preorder on Steam and GOG for $29.99. The console version will  be available for  $39.99 on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.