Resident Evil 2 Won’t Be Coming to PSVR, Capcom Confirms

If you were hoping to get some headset-infused heebie-jeebies with Resident Evil 2 VR then I’m afraid you’re about to be bitterly disappointed. That’s because Capcom has confirmed that there are no plans to bring the 2019 title to PSVR or any other VR device any time soon.

Speaking to UK newspaper Daily Star, Capcom producers Tsuyoshi Kanda and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi explains that, unlike Resident Evil 7, the over-the-shoulder view for Resident Evil 2 won’t lend itself well to a VR experience, saying: “We’re not thinking about VR support currently, given that the camera perspective and the over-the-shoulder choice would mean that VR is not the best way to present the game…VR doesn’t match the vision for us.”

Gah. After the spooktacular scares that Resident Evil 7 gave us, putting the killer in killer app, I was half-hoping that Capcom were planning to return to the VR well once more. But it’s not to be. Still, at least Resident Evil 2 doesn’t have an awful tacked-on piece of PSVR compatibility for the sake of it; it’s clear that considerable thought has been put into each and every design choice in the game, as the Resident Evil 2 San Diego Comic-Con panel was only too keen to prove.

[Source: Daily Star]