Kingdom Hearts Trailer Pays Tribute to Mickey Mouse on His 90th Birthday

Mickey Mouse has been a lot of things during his 90 years as a pop culture icon: sailor, hotel manager, composer and, as the Kingdom Hearts trailer celebrating the Disney mascot’s birthday is only too keen to point out, he is right at home wielding a Keyblade, too.

From humble beginnings as a no-show right up until the final moments of Kingdom Hearts to his dealings with Organization XIII and beyond, Mickey Mouse has played a pivotal role in the franchise and, with his 1928 Steamboat Willie debut reaching a significant milestone this year, Square Enix felt it was only right to showcase the indelible mark he’s left on the series.

My favorite moment in the Kingdom Hearts trailer? It’s gotta be the Matrix-style shenanigans Mickey gets up to when getting ready to swing his Keyblade. It’s utterly, utterly ridiculous and just one of the hundreds of reasons why I love the series. No other franchise would drop its most famous character off the face of the Earth in the very first game and then bring him back as a psuedo-Neo, just with a cooler sense of style.

Hopefully that’ll whet your appetite before Kingdom Hearts 3 but surely not as much as the hours-long story recap included with the 2019 release will. Who would have thought a story starring Mickey Mouse would need to pull you to one side for hundreds of minutes on end just so you have a tentative grasp on what’s going on?