BioWare Announces PAX West 2018 Panel for Anthem

In a recent blog post for a “Mid-Summer Update,” BioWare has announced plans to host a PAX West 2018 panel for Anthem. The studio’s General Manager, Casey Hudson, penned the post, which celebrated BioWare’s accomplishments over the last several weeks.

At E3 2018’s EA Play event, Anthem received its first full roll out of details. During SDCC 2018, the studio announced a partnership with Dark Horse, which will see the publication of comics and art books. But the summer isn’t over just yet. PAX West is nearing, and BioWare intends to use the Anthem panel to address various concerns.

Many questions revolving around Anthem regard how its characters and story will function. The particular question BioWare hopes to answer is: “How can there be agency of your story in a living world that you share with friends?” Hudson provided the following answer in his post:

It’s a great question, and in my opinion our solution to this design challenge is one of the most innovative things about Anthem. We talked briefly at EA PLAY about how the solution is called “Our World, My Story.” In the dynamic open world, everything is experienced in real-time by all Anthem players–day/night, weather, and world-scale events that shape the ongoing narrative of the setting. This is “our world,” which we share as a player community. Then when you return to Fort Tarsis, that’s actually a single-player experience, and it’s where you spend time developing relationships, making choices, and seeing consequences. That’s the “my story” part.

However, Hudson and the team recognize that this explanation doesn’t cover all bases. Hence, the PAX West panel. During the panel, Anthem’s “Our World, My Story” logline will receive in depth exposition. Additionally, addressing several other questions is key, as well.

Hudson also teased the futures of Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Further details on these series won’t soon emerge. That said, fans excited to return to BioWare’s beloved franchises need not worry. Hudson said BioWare is listening.

PAX West kicks off on August 31, 2018 and lasts until September 3, 2018 in Seattle, Washington. Anthem hits the PC, PS4, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

[Source via Game Informer]