Guilt Battle Arena Update

Guilt Battle Arena Update 3.0 Adds Extra Game Modes and More

Guilt Battle Arena, a frantic party game, is getting some additional content. Developed by Invincible Cat and published by Forward XP, this is a one-bullet gunfight game that offers local multiplayer for up to four players. Version 3.0 has just rolled out.

This free Guilt Battle Arena update adds six new game modes. There are also four new ridiculous modifiers: Short Range [Shot], Low Gravity, Fast Bullet, and Shoot Behind. For big fans of cosmetics, you’ll be happy to hear sixteen additional costumes have been added for these adorable little characters. Plus there are 79 different costumes to unlock.

In addition to switching up the settings, part of the joy of Guilt Battle Arena comes from the wacky one-bullet experience. Since each character has just one bullet, players need to go pick up their bullets in order to reload. This is done while dodging shots from others, adding to the chaos. The game’s simple two-button controls are meant to make it accessible to everyone, so this could be a good couch competitive game to add to your collection, if you’re looking for something straight-forward and lighthearted.

Guilt Battle Arena is already available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC for $9.99. Be sure to read our review here to get a sense if this game is for you.