Operation Warcade Gets a Retail PSVR Release

Published by Perp Games and developed by Ivanovich, Operation Warcade is a militaristic, side-scrolling PlayStation VR game that launched earlier in Spring 2018. Now the title is shooting for a North American retail release on September 4, 2018.

Operation Warcade quite literally puts you in the 80’s arcade experience. Players can wield a plethora of weapons, from Uzi submachine guns and grenades to bows and gravity guns. Tear through an onslaught of enemies!

Check out Operation Warcade‘s features, as listed in the official press release:

  • Immersion Mode – After shooting various immersion points through each map, players are warped into the environment, putting the player directly behind the steering wheel of a jeep, in the cockpit of a military jet and other intense situations
  • Retro VR Feel – With over 10 hours of gameplay, Operation Warcade brings the rush of nostalgic arcade-style play to gamers in an all-new experience built from the ground up specifically for VR platforms
  • Hardcore Mode – Once players have mastered the art of taking dudes out repeatedly, they can go gung-ho in hardcore mode, where each environment is condensed into a single level with a limited number of retries
  • Online Leaderboards – Players can compare their kills to others through an online leaderboard to see who’s the biggest bad ass of them all.

Will you be picking up a hard copy of Operation Warcade when it comes to North American retailers on September 4, 2018?