Iron Galaxy Studios has Moved its Headquarters to Celebrate Ten Years

Iron Galaxy Studios, perhaps best known for its work on several, different fighting games, or its recent original game Extinction, is ten years old. As part of the celebration, the company has sent out a press release announcing it has moved its headquarters to The National building in Chicago’s Loop. This is an expansion effort, and Iron Galaxy is pairing its expansion announcement with a call for new hires in both its new and Flordia-based offices.

Founder Dave Lang provided the following quote:

From concept to execution, Iron Galaxy is a vision that began in my hometown of Chicago and continues to grow here. I’m extremely proud of my team and all that we have achieved in our 10 years. The National Building is the perfect place for the next chapter of growth and the many projects that lie ahead.

Currently, there are three jobs listed on Iron Galaxy’s website. For the Orlando office, the company is looking for a Senior Software Engineer. In the new Chicago location, Iron Galaxy wants both a Design Director and a UI Artist.

Iron Galaxy is known for its varied history with ports, having a history in the likes of Street FighterDarkstalkersBioShockBatman, and more. Recently, the company has made its mark with Killer Instinct over in Xbox territory, helped bring Divekick to the masses, and as mentioned earlier, made a new original game in Extinction, which published earlier this year.