Rumbleverse Delayed

Rumbleverse Delayed to Perfect the Experience of Landing Elbow Drops from Skyscrapers

Iron Galaxy has delayed the launch of Rumbleverse, their free-to-play “brawler royale” game that was originally due to launch in just a couple of weeks. The reason for the delay of the game is the team has “more we want to do to perfect the experience”.

When will Rumbleverse be released?

A new release date has not been given for Rumbleverse, but the game is no longer launching on February 15. This means early access will no longer be launching on February 8 either. Iron Galaxy said:

We want to thank everyone for the enthusiastic reception that Rumbleverse received after our reveal at The Game Awards. During the First Look play session, it was hilarious and inspiring to see people land their first elbow drop from the top of a skyscraper. Those are the moments you dream about when you work on a game. The thing about game development is that plans have a way of changing…

Today, we are announcing that we have decided not to launch Rumbleverse on February 15.

Having Grapital City filled with Rumblers taught us a lot. We’re excited about the game we’re making – and we’re glad you are, too – but there’s more we want to do to perfect the experience. More than a game, Rumbleverse will be a community that we want to support for a long time. We’re going to take the time to make sure we can get that right.

Those who had pre-purchased the Early Access Pack will now receive a refund and the pack has been removed from sale. Once a new release date is announced, the Early Access Pack will return to the store. Before the game is released, there will be a series of beta tests across all platforms, including PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. The first of these will be limited to PC players and will begin on February 12 with more to be announced later down the line.

In other news, WarnerMedia’s CEO has confirmed Gotham Knights and Hogwarts Legacy will both be released in 2022. Elsewhere, PlayStation’s London Studio is recruiting for people to join their studio as they create a new PS5 multiplayer game.