metallic child announced

Robot Roguelike Metallic Child Smashes Onto PlayStation 4 in 2019

One-man indie developer Studio HG has announced Metallic Child, a roguelike action vehicle that is planned to launch for consoles and PC in 2019.

Here’s the Metallic Child announcement trailer:

Metallic Child sure is a video game. There are robots zipping around and crashing into each other, bizarre connections to literature (shout out to Pinocchio), and endless particle effects. It looks pretty rad, and the trailer gives a good look at what to expect from this game.

The term “roguelike” is pretty loaded, of course. Based on Metallic Child‘s rating screen, it looks like there are perhaps stages or levels of some sort involved. There are big bosses, tons of enemies, and it looks like the main character is altered by power ups or some sort of other modular element, as evidenced by a goofy clip of the size of her head growing by a percentage.

Scrolling through Studio HG’s Twitter feed also reveals some hints about how Metallic Child operates. For example, the Rocket Punch technique in the trailer appears to be considered a “weapon,” and it may be a part of the starting kit at that. Other weapons can be used, and the developer notes they are skill based, rather than “attack power” being a factor. While there are numbers popping up on the screen, it’s likely they’re more aesthetic-driven, rather than a hint at equipment-based progression. That doesn’t rule out other ways to make those numbers grow, of course.

Metallic Child is indicated in the trailer as coming to the PlayStation 4,  Nintendo Switch, and PC. Studio HG clarified on Twitter that a mobile port is not 100% confirmed at this time.

[Source: Studio HG]