Spider-Man Open World Trailer Shows Shameless Marvel Self-Promotion

IGN’s YouTube channel has posted a brand new trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man, not long after a previous trailer based on showing gameplay. This trailer is about the “world” of the game, which is basically just Manhattan with a few instances of creative freedom. There’s cool stuff in here though, including some clear looks at the greater Marvel world injected into an ostensibly standalone game.

Take a look at Spider-Man exploring the city.

This Marvel’s Spider-Man trailer is narrated by J.J. Jameson, as Peter Parker (posing as Peter Patterson) calls into Jameson’s Alex Jones-like Just the Facts show. While Jameson does his “ramble about the Spider-Man menace” bit, Peter does the whole, “maybe he’s just trying to help, my uncle said with great power comes great responsibility” thing.

Perhaps the neatest parts of this trailer are some shots of both the Avengers Tower and Dr. Strange’s Sanctum Santorum. There’s also a little Ratchet & Clank reference, if you squint hard enough, and a couple hints that the map could change in some ways over the course of the game. We also see real-life attractions such as the Radio City Music Hall, and a hint at Spider-Man’s abilities while swinging, including an implication that his animations get fancier as the player improves (communicated in the trailer by way of Spidey’s confidence).

Marvel’s Spider-Man lands on the PlayStation 4 on September 7, 2018.

[Source: IGN YouTube]