dark souls trilogy european release

Europe Won’t Get the Dark Souls Trilogy Compilation

Bad news for Europeans looking for an easy way to face the horrors of Dark Souls in one package. After some initial confusion, it turns out Dark Souls Trilogy will not, in fact, be released in Europe. As of right now, the collection will be exclusive to North America and Japan.

The UK Bandai Namco Twitter account clarified the situation. However, a reason for the decision was not given.

Announcing the compilation during gamescom 2018 probably caused some confusion. Dark Souls Trilogy includes all three Dark Souls games packaged in a nice steelbook case. The physical release is apparently in limited supply, so Bandai Namco strongly recommends preorders for those who want the collection.

Hardcore Dark Souls fans may want to check out the Japan-exclusive collection, which includes a whole lot more goodies. You can buy that over at Play-Asia, and use the code “PSLIFE” for a discount!

The Dark Souls Trilogy releases on October 19, 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Who knows, maybe Bandai Namco will eventually change its mind and release it over in Europe after all! But for now, are you disappointed this compilation isn’t coming to Europe? Or is Dark Souls Remastered more than enough to keep you satisfied? Let us know!

[Source: GameSpot]