Delayed Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium is Now Available for Purchase, and it’s 40% Off

This past January, preorders went live for what’s been deemed the “ultimate Dark Souls reference book,” Future Press’ Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium. Collected within this behemoth of an 480-page lore book is everything fans could ever hope to find in one place. Unfortunately, those who preordered the tome in January and subsequent months were disappointed when its July 2019 release date rolled around without their orders arriving in the mail. Thankfully, those orders are finally being filled, as the book is now out in the wild. In fact, its Amazon price has been slashed by 40 percent, bringing the original asking price of $50 down to $30. It isn’t known how long this sale price will last. As such, those interested should probably act fast.

According to a post from publisher Future Press on July 15th, the book’s original summer release date, the hold up primarily came down to U.S. Customs. Future press explained as much in the following tweet:

Bound in a beautiful hardcover, the Dark Souls Trilogy Compendium covers every entry in the celebrated FromSoftware franchise, including all of the DLC. These pages collect NPC dialogue, items and their descriptions, equipment details, as well as enemy and creature listings. Every area across all three games and their DLCs is represented in the lore book with illustrated maps, rendered in fine detail to ensure every NPC, boss, item, and much more are all reflected.

Apparently, the compendium is tailored to meet the needs of both avid fans and newcomers to the series. This will likely be most evidenced by the “reference ready,” detailed index. The tome also comes equipped with a bookmark ribbon, so readers never lose their place.

[Source: Amazon via GameSpot]