battlefront 2 elite trooper update

Star Wars Battlefront II Update Brings New Prequel-Era, Clone Wars Content

Following the extensive roadmap laid out by EA and DICE, the next set of Star Wars Battlefront II content will soon be upon us. In a recent community transmission, plans for the newest update were detailed. The update is set to go live on August 29, 2018.

The most significant content is two new Clone trooper prequel-era skins for you to customize your Republic Army with—the 41st Elite Corps and the 327th Star Corps. Both skins will be available for Assault, Heavy, and Specialist troopers. The skins will cost 20,000 credits each or you can buy a bundle that includes all three skins for both corps for 40,000 credits.

The update will finally let players purchase emotes and victory poses for their heroes. DICE also announced that the planet of Naboo will be added to Blast and Custom Arcade modes. Ewok Hunt is officially going to be a permanent game mode once this new update rolls out, as well.

Other updates include quicker matchmaking for prequel-era maps, a new end-of-round screen, and general bug fixes. It was also confirmed that the x2 multiplier will be removed from the squad system in the future. Because of this, the battlepoint prices for all Heroes and Units will be permanently lowered in-match by about 25% for each one.

While not part of the update, the price for upcoming heroes—including Obi-Wan Kenobi and General Grievous—was confirmed. The plan is for each hero to be available for 35,000 credits. Apparently, DICE did extensive research determining how fast players earned credits, and used that to land on a final price.

The complete patch notes for this update will be released soon, and another roadmap update next week will detail plans for fall and winter 2018. Star Wars Battlefront II is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: EA]