Rocket League’s Progression Update Changes XP System and Adds Clubs

Rocket League’s Progression Update launches next week and, true to its name, is set to completely overhaul the game’s progression system. The update will also bring a new way to play with your friends online. It all happens on August 29, 2018.

With the Rocket League Progression Update, XP will now be earned via online matches, rather than online. Psyonix also announced that the level 75 cap will be removed. If you had already reached level 75, there’s even more good news! All matches you had participated prior to this update in will be taken into account, meaning you may automatically level up a bit after the update launches! In addition, Psyonix has altered the amount of XP needed to level up!

To compensate for the massive change, new titles will be added, with some going past level 100. The plan is for most titles to convert over to the new update. As an extra incentive, you’ll now be rewarded with an item after leveling up. Every item will be from the Uncommon tier or higher, so expect some good loot.

Clubs will appear after the Rocket League Progression Update. You and up to twenty friends can form a team, complete with a custom tag. More details will arrive before the update goes live.

Rocket Pass will launch the week after the Progression Update. To prepare for this, Psyonix said an in-game countdown will appear, possibly when the update goes live. In addition, the developer reiterated that RocketID‘s launch is still set for September 2018. Basically, a lot is happening in the world of Rocket League. Which is a good thing, because the Ultimate Edition is launching on August 28, 2018, the day before the Progression Update goes live.

Rocket League is available now for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.