Erebus Isn’t the PlayStation 5 Codename

A rumor was floating around the internet, claiming people had found the PlayStation 5 codename. In an Unreal Engine update, there was allegedly a reference to an unknown possible console. What was it called? Erebus. People took a leap and suggested it might refer to the PlayStation 5, due to it appearing alongside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the code. However, someone from Epic Games has come forward with the truth.

On Twitter, Arjan Brussee supplied an internet with a decisive answer regarding whether Erebus did or didn’t refer to the PlayStation 5 codename. The former Boss Key co-founder and Guerilla Games co-founder joined Epic Games back in December 2017, so he is definitely in the know. Rather than the PlayStation 5, Erebus was the way Epic Games referred to the Nintendo Switch version of Fortnite.

Why did people think Erebus may have referred to the PlayStation 5 codename? Well, it did appear alongside the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the code. Also, Sony sometimes uses the names of Greek deities as codenames. As an example, the PlayStation VR was once known as Project Morpheus. Though, you could also argue that was more a reference to The Matrix, since the PlayStation 4 Pro was once known as Neo.

But hey! There are still plenty of PlayStation 5 rumors floating around! If it really is coming as soon as 2019 or 2020, we are bound to learn the PlayStation 5 codename soon!