Now Loading…What Do You Think Will PS4 Neo’s Official Name Be?

With Sony holding a PlayStation Meeting tomorrow to discuss the future of the PlayStation brand, which we all know to be the event where they’ll announce the PS4 Slim and PS4 Neo, that got us thinking: what will the PS4 Neo officially be called? 

While there’s a chance that “PlayStation 4 Neo” might be the new console’s official name, we sincerely doubt it given it’s a codename, and codenames for consoles are rarely — if ever — used as the final retail name. Case in point: Project Morpheus was renamed the rather super straightforward “PlayStation VR” which isn’t all that bad even if it’s a little plain.

With that in mind, the PlayStation LifeStyle crew thinks up what we think the PS4 Neo will be called starting tomorrow and our responses might (or might not) surprise you.

What do you think PS4 Neo’s final name will be? Same as before, discuss it in the comments. Speaking of tomorrow’s event, which PlayStation LifeStyle is attending, don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for the PlayStation Meeting livestream (12 p,m. PT/3 p.m. ET), which will, according to Sony, have “a number” of announcements. Will some of those announcements be games with special “Neo” mode functionality in ’em? Tune in tomorrow to find out. 

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