playstation 5 codename

Has the PS5 Codename Been Uncovered?

The long-fabled PlayStation 5 hasn’t announced by Sony yet, but that hasn’t stopped the internet from its snooping. Now, one internet user thinks they may have found the upcoming console’s codename. Could it be Erebus?

ResetEra user Gemüsepizza claims to have found the codename while digging through Unreal Engine 4. In one portion of the code, a list of the current-gen consoles ends with the mysterious “Erebus.” While what exactly Erebus is related to is unknown, speculation suggests it is the PS5 codename.

playstation 5 codename

The user also found a second list within the engine that places Erebus with the PS4 and Xbox.

playstation 5 codename

If Erebus is being used to refer to the PlayStation 5, it would not be the first time Sony used the name of a Greek god as a codename. The PlayStation VR codename, Project Morpheus, referred to the Greek god of dreams. At one point, the PS4 was referred to as both Thebes, which is also the name of a city in Greece, and Orbis? (Also, while we are talking about codenames, the PlayStation 4 Pro was Neo.)

While there have been plenty of PlayStation 5 launch window and game rumors, Sony has made no official announcements. What are your thoughts on Sony’s next console? Are you ready for the next generation of PlayStation? Let us know!

[Source: ResetEra via IGN]