BioWare Jokes About Spider-Man’s ‘Puddlegate’ Controversy

If you’ve been following Insomniac’s hotly-anticipated Spider-Man, chances are you’re aware of the “Puddlegate” controversy surrounding it.

For those who haven’t heard about it, a portion of the internet isn’t happy about an alleged downgrade that saw a reduction in the size of an in-game puddle, and some lighting changes in between Spider-Man‘s E3 demo and final version (yes, it’s already out in the wild).

Such was the hue and cry that Insomniac Games’ Community Director, James Stevenson, was forced to respond and explain the change.

During its PAX West 2018 panel, BioWare poked fun at the debate while showcasing the image of Anthem above.

“So in this screenshot – there is a lot to unpack here – but most importantly, you’ll see that there is a puddle in the ground right in the middle,” said Lead Producer Michael Gamble as the audience laughed. “So before we move on, there’s a 98 percent chance that puddle is going to be changed, moved, reduced.”

“Don’t touch my puddle,” another voice can be heard saying.

Whether a change in that puddle makes a difference or not is up to you to decide when Spider-Man releases on Friday, September 7, for the PlayStation 4. In case you’re not interested in the debate, you can focus on beating the game’s main story, which will take about 20 hours of your time.

[Source: DualShockers]