Fortnite Purple Cube Glitch Wreaks Havoc on Summer Skirmish

The Fortnite purple cube is the latest and greatest topic of conversation in the game. The latest development in cube madness came out of the Summer Skirmish 2018 grand finals on September 3, 2018, during which the cube’s low gravity dome became an anti-gravity dome. Epic confirmed this was a bug; as a result, an extra match was added to the grand final and the low-gravity field was turned off for the rest of the tournament.

The low gravity properties of the dome cause players to jump higher and fall slower. But here, that became extreme; each time they fell, players were pushed up way higher than usual. The result? They were floating up and down while trying to land some kills in the process. It’s not captured in this clip, but the player in the above video had to box himself in to stop floating. Even then, he began floating inside the structure itself.

As the commentators mentioned, this isn’t new. Players have posted similar gravity-defying clips online, but for it to occur at this scale took everyone by surprise.

The cube and all its mysteries remain a point of intrigue for Fortnite players: from breaking inside of it to tracking its movement. The purple cube emits lighting strikes when attacked, hurting anyone nearby, but standing next to it can improve your shield.

The Summer Skirmish served as a reminder that for all we know about the cube, there is so much more that we don’t understand.

[Source: PC Gamer]