BioWare Dev Clears Up Confusion on Anthem Influencing Dragon Age and Mass Effect

When it comes to news, things can be taken out of context. Such is the case concerning statements from Anthem‘s Lead Producer, Michael Gamble. When he spoke to VG24/7, Gamble said BioWare aimed to learn from development on Anthem and apply that knowledge to Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Storytelling and how post-launch content additions to the story is seemingly what Gamble was driving toward. However, some fans thought it meant unproven live-service title affecting beloved RPGs. Thankfully, BioWare General Manager Casey Hudson quickly cleared the confusion.

Hudson addressed the concerns on Twitter, saying new Dragon Age and Mass Effect entries will be built from the ground up as Dragon Age and Mass Effect games.

In a subsequent tweet, Hudson explained that what will translate from Anthem to other BioWare titles is whatever the studio learns about game design in general.

Recently, Game Director Joe Warner said something similar about Anthem possibly resulting in an evolution of BioWare’s craft. It’s only natural, then, that said evolution would be reflected in future projects.

Neither Dragon Age nor Mass Effect are confirmed to be in development. In the past, however, Hudson has said there are “some teams” tucked away, working on projects that will please fans of those franchises. What that may mean is still anyone’s guess.

Anthem hits store shelves early next year on February 22, 2019.

[Source via GameSpot]