Fortnite DualShock 4 Bundle Comes with a Skin and Some V-Bucks

Chances are you’ll eventually need a new DualShock 4. These things don’t last forever, as evidenced by my own launch controller that is real sad in the analog stick padding department. Sure, you could pick up once of several, colorful designs available if you want. But Fortnite fans may be interested in this classic, black model, specifically because it comes with some Fortnite goodies.

The bundle, which is available at retailers like GameStop or Target (although Target’s is not available online at the time of this writing), retails for the normal price of $59.99. It’s the regular, black design, but it comes with the following Fortnite content:

  • Royale Bomber Outfit (Battle Royale Mode Only)
  • 500 V-Bucks

It’s not much, but people have previously been in a frenzy over that skin, as it was only available with a PlayStation 4 console bundle that was never made available in North America.

If you’re good on controllers, you can still get a nice boost in your Fortnite collection for being a PlayStation gamer, despite constantly having to listen to yelling about cross-play. A new pack of PlayStation Plus-exclusive items was just released, and free with a subscription you use for other things is a lot cheaper than free with a controller you might not need.

[Source: GameStop]