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Survey Reveals Why European Gamers Choose Boxed Games Over Digital Downloads

Games Industry recently teamed up with Interactive Software Federation of Europe (ISFE) and market research firm Ipsos Mori to conduct a survey to ask gamers across France, Germany, Spain, and the UK why they prefer to buy physical games over digital downloads. 3,090 physical game buyers were surveyed across the aforementioned countries, out of which only 7 percent cited internet speed as an issue.

32 percent of the respondents simply want to own a physical collection, and 18 percent said that they buy boxed games due to in-store discounts. 17 percent of buyers prefer buying physically as it allows them to carry the game to a different location to play, or lend to friends and family.

Only 12 percent of the respondents want to be able to sell their games. Another 10 percent said that they prefer boxed games as digital downloads occupy a lot of space on their hard drives.

Games Industry notes that retailers in the region often cite credit/debit card requirement as one of the reasons consumers avoid online purchases. However, the survey finds that only three percent of those surveyed purchase games in store due to lack of credit/debit cards. Additionally, only four percent of respondents were apprehensive about putting their personal information online.

In July 2018, a report by Piper Jaffray Companies claimed that video game distribution will be 100 percent digital by 2022. However, surveys continue to show that gamers prefer boxed games over digital downloads.

Do you prefer physical games or digital downloads? Let us know your reasons.

[Source: Games Industry]