Halloween Comes Early to Street Fighter V, Featuring the Darkstalkers

Today, Capcom Unity announced a couple of new costume packs are coming to Street Fighter V on September 25, 2018. The two packs are somewhat adjacent to each other thematically, as one pack is this year’s Halloween bundle, and the other is based on Capcom’s cult classic, Darkstalkers.

For $14.99, you’ll be able to dress six characters up as some of the more enduring Darkstalkers cast, naturally including Morrigan and Felicia. Here are a few official descriptions:

Morrigan Costume (Chun-Li) – Morrigan Aensland is a succubus and main protagonist of the Darkstalkers series. In order to protect Morrigan from her own immense power, her adoptive father Belial had to split her soul into multiple parts. One of these parts ended up becoming Lilith, who was the inspiration for a costume for Juri. Seeing as how both Chun-Li and Morrigan are some of the most recognizable characters in their respective series, this playful costume is perfect for the first lady of Street Fighter.

Demitri Costume (Ed) – Demitri Maximoff is the embodiment of evil and one of the most powerful vampires in the series. He sees humans as walking meals and feeds on their blood to turn them into his servants. He’s mostly known for his Midnight Bliss attack where he drains the opponent dry of blood. Although Ed couldn’t be any more different than Demitri, perhaps this costume represents what Ed could have been if he had succumbed to M. Bison.

Felicia Costume (Menat) – Felicia is an energetic and cheerful catwoman who yearned to be a musical star. Unlike many of the more violent characters from Darkstalkers, she believes in peace and only resorts to fighting when absolutely necessary. She was raised by a woman named Rose who cared for her despite Felicia being a catwoman. Mentored by another woman named Rose herself, Menat should be more than happy to have the Felicia costume.

Also included in the pack are Menat as Khaibit, Urien as Donovan, and Juri as Lilith. Costumes can also be purchased for $3.99 each.

No bundle is mentioned in the announcement post for the Halloween costumes, but they will be available individually for $3.99 each. These costumes include Abigail as a cyclops, Falke as a shinigami, Guile as a zombie, and Kolin as a witch.

Finally, last year’s Halloween costumes are on sale for $2.99 each, or $6.99 as a set.

[Source: Capcom Unity]