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Spider-Man Has Dethroned Kratos as the Fastest-Selling Sony Title

While Grand Theft Auto V is the world’s most profitable piece of media and may never be challenged on that front, there are plenty of other cool video game sales metrics. These days. one of the most interesting ones is a company’s “fastest-selling” title. As the games industry grows, big games are moving more units more quickly. Sony, in particular, is having a ridiculously good year. While just earlier in 2018, God of War was the title-holder of the fastest-selling game in Sony’s first-party history, Marvel’s Spider-Man has taken that crown with style.

God of War was the previous champion, with around 3.1 million copies of that game sold within its first three days. Today, a tweet from the official PlayStation Twitter account confirmed that Marvel’s Spider-Man was able to break that with over 3.3 million copies sold, cementing Insomniac Games’ superhero, open world epic as kind of a big deal.

There is certainly plenty more room for Marvel’s Spider-Man to continue being a big success for Marvel, Insomniac, and Sony. The reviews have largely been on the high end, and a set of post-release DLC story expansions called The City that Never Sleeps are set to begin releasing, starting with The Heist on October 23, 2018.

[Source: Twitter]