Dirt Rally 2

Dirt Rally 2 Possibly on the Horizon

UK-based development studio Codemasters has been furnishing the video game industry with top-notch racers. The company made a name for itself by releasing a wide variety of titles, and its Colin McRae Rally series led to the Dirt series with Dirt: Colin McRae Off-Road. Reports have been pouring in indicating a possible announcement of Dirt Rally 2.

There have been two teases of a possible Dirt Rally 2 so far. The first one arrived via the official Codemasters Twitter page. Check it out:

This implies that gamers may soon get to see a second installment likely related to the Dirt racing series. How do we know that? Well, that’s where the second tease comes in. The official Dirt Twitter page posted a possible announcement date. Have a look:

This means we have the number “2.0” and an enticing frontal image of an Audi Quattro to go on. The intentions seem pretty much clear at this point, and we’re looking forward to the company’s upcoming announcement. If this does turn out to be Dirt Rally 2, it would make this the seventh racing title from Codemasters that carries the Dirt name.

In other Codemasters racing news, the UK devs recently released Onrush. (Check out our review.) Sadly, layoffs ensued at the company following the game’s lukewarm reception and low sales.

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