Media Molecule’s Dreams Will Support a Keyboard, But Not a Mouse

Media Molecule boasts that the studio’s upcoming game, Dreams, will allow players to do whatever their hearts desire: from enjoying the campaign they’ve crafted to making their own levels and playing the levels of others. The studio is putting plenty of tools at gamers’ disposal, even the PlayStation VR is compatible at launch. You can even plug in a keyboard and use it to create!

While Dreams will allow you to use a keyboard with the PlayStation 4, it will not offer mouse support. When asked why, in an interview with Game Informer, studio co-founder Alex Evans said the DualShock 4 was better for the game and stated, “You don’t need the mouse; you got a DualShock. It’s got way more buttons.”

The keyboard and mouse discussion was immediately followed by a question about a possible PC port. But Evans noted the PlayStation 4 exclusive will remain just that and said, “No. [Dreams is not coming to PC] Honest!”

Plenty of creation tools will allow players in executing their wildest imaginations, including the ability to import your own audio into Dreams. One thing that will be missing, however, is online multiplayer. It will be part of the game, but not immediately.

You can see how these developer tools come together by checking Media Molecule’s livestream from two months ago and find out our initial thoughts by reading our hands-on preview.

Dreams’ beta is set to release sometime in 2018.