Anthem Director Calls the Focus on Gameplay ‘Refreshing’ for BioWare

Anthem Director Jonathan Warner has been open about his thoughts on what the new title means for BioWare. Some may consider it a departure from the studio’s norm. Internally, however, some at BioWare feel Anthem represents an evolution for the company. Gameplay rests at the nexus of such progress, and, as far as Warner is concerned, marks a “refreshing” change of pace.

Warner recently spoke with GamesTM Magazine and referred to BioWare’s prioritization of gameplay in Anthem as “refreshing” and “invigorating.” With past BioWare projects, most people “end up talking about the plots or the points.” For Anthem, fan attention is geared more towards “flying or fighting monsters, or the gear, the Javelins.”

Despite the notable shift in priorities, BioWare will still aim to deliver an experience that thrills with regards to story and character. Warner added,

It’s very important to us that we create immersive worlds, where you can have companionship, and where you get to be the hero of your own story. I think those elements are very much intact with Anthem. We’re adding things to it, we’re adding these interesting social storytelling elements to it. But, those moments, that companionship and strong characters, those are very much there.

Anthem launches in a few short months, and BioWare has begun detailing its post-launch plans. The studio’s announcement that all story DLC will be free serves as the most notable of such details. In other good news on this front, loot boxes and microtransactions won’t play a part.

A public demo for Anthem goes live on February 1, 2019. The game launches several weeks later on February 22nd.

[Source: GamesTM Magazine via COGconnected]