Observation Trailer

Observation Will Turn You Into the A.I. System of a Space Station

Published by Devolver Digital, a company which is no stranger to eerie stories, No Code’s Observation will have you literally seeing through the lens of artificial intelligence aboard a space station. It is up to you to keep things going. A new trailer shows how this concept works.

Here’s the reveal trailer for this science fiction thriller.

You play as S.A.M., aka system administration and maintenance. Observation appears to take place from the first-person perspective, as you’re given different cameras to look through in order to see the area and the on-board crew. There are also some scanned information regarding the space station available to you, signals you can receive, and messages that can appear. The only one we see in this trailer is a simple, “BRING HER.”

Based on the trailer alone, it’s unclear what Observation‘s gameplay or story entails. However, the game’s official website links to an IGN feature of the game that explains further. Apparently you’ll be assisting Dr. Emma Fisher, trying to figure out what caused damages to the station and why the rest of the crew vanished. The truth is uncovered through puzzle solving.

The trailer is underscored by an ominous soundtrack full of harsh cuts through an unsettling, empty, and damaged environment. The thriller component will likely come from the mystery you’re trying to uncover. More details will be revealed over the coming week.

Currently, Observation has a release window of Spring 2019 and will arrive on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: Push Square and IGN]