Capcom is Finally Addressing the Street Fighter V Input Lag Issue

Love it or hate it, Street Fighter V is the dominant fighting game (for the most part), but there’s no denying a major issue that has plagued it from the beginning. Since it launched, Street Fighter V has had a general input lag of about eight frames. That doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a world of difference to pro players, and adjusting to that input lag arguably had an impact on how the game has been played up to now. But that seems like it’s all about to change.

A tweet from Capcom this week acknowledged the issue, and simultaneously announced a fix of some sort is on the way, quite soon as a matter of fact. Here’s the tweet:

So, in just under two weeks, an issue that has lingered for the nearly three years Street Fighter V has been in service is finally being addressed. Now, two questions remain. To what degree will the lag be addressed, and how much will the community have to adjust to the fix?

[Source: Twitter]