Treyarch Gives Amazing Response to Confusing Black Ops 4 Death Clip

Shooters are complicated games, but a situation like this is all too familiar to all of us. You get the drop on another player, mash the trigger, unload on the dude, and then somehow you end up on the losing end of the firefight. As you wait to respawn, you go over every possible excuse in your head: was it lag, or even worse, some kind of glitch? Is it the developers’ fault that I’m on the receiving end of gloating voice chat now? Turns out, it could just be the result of physics and timing, the ultimate enemy of any seasoned soldier.

Treyarch please, I want an explanation. from r/Blackops4

In a Reddit post that gained a lot of traction yesterday, a Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 player posted a video clip, demanding answers from developer Treyarch. In the video, the scenario above plays out to anguishing perfection. The player rolls up on an opponent, opens fire, and dies. The clip replays in slow motion, clearly showing the loser opening fire first, and connecting with several shots.

Of course, there was plenty of speculation in the comments, but then a Treyarch representative chimed in, and did a surprising play-by-play analysis of the video, explaining how while even the people checking the video out thought it was a bug at first, it turns out that everything was functioning as designed. Here is the bullet point version of what happened:

The bullets fired resulted in the following miss/hits:

  • 1 – Hit (1)
  • 2 – Miss, left of enemy, though the hitmarker stayed up from the first hit (Hitmarker basically stayed up from here on out as intermittent hits kept it there)
  • 3 – Missed, left of enemy
  • 4 – Hit (2)
  • 5 – Missed, right of enemy
  • 6 – Missed, right of enemy
  • 7 – Hit (3)
  • 8 – Miss, slightly under enemy’s arms
  • 9 – Miss, left of enemy
  • 10 – Hit (4)
  • 11 – Miss, right of enemy
  • 12 – Hit (5), but the 1st bullet had penetration reduction so this BARELY did not kill the enemy!

The full, roughly 800-word analysis from the Treyarch rep is pretty amazing, and even talks about a forthcoming update to the UI that should help with some of the hit-confirmation confusion caused by situations like this.

[Source: Reddit]