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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Scrapped Campaign Surfaces Online

A Reddit user has dumped information from the scrapped Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 campaign online along with 400+ images of documentation, early builds, work-in-progress screenshots, etc. The 2018 game came without a traditional campaign, but as revealed by Redditor Purpletoaster20, the original campaign was supposed to be a 2v2 “race to the finish” mode called Career that would have offered a co-op live service experience. However, Career was designed to allow players to go solo, with AI filling in for a partner.

An overview of the cancelled Black Ops 4 campaign

black ops 4 campaign cancelled

Career was set in 2070, dubbed “The Year of Chaos” in the game because it was marked by a pandemic as well as several climate disasters, which led to a depletion of the world’s resources. Two factions began warring: The Free People’s Army (FPA) and The World United Nations (WUN). Players could pick a faction to play, and their gameplay experience, story, missions, and characters would vary depending on their choice.

Each mission was reportedly meant to be 15-20 minutes long, and some even had a timer. There would have been about six story locations in total, but each location would have been twice as big as those seen in Black Ops 3. Each of the aforementioned faction came with its own “handler” guiding players through the missions.

Apparently, four of Career’s missions were “nearly complete” and were approaching their final builds before Treyarch ditched the whole thing. These missions were: Air Assault Convoy, Data Control, Data Escape, and Snatch and Grab.

“One of the extremely important characters in the story was the Journalist, who would have several missions focused around him reporting behind enemy lines with the Columbian FPA,” wrote Purpletoaster20. Concept art from one of their missions can be seen above.

The full info dump is an interesting read so make sure to check it out.

In other news, Take-Two has eight remasters/remakes/ports in progress, and GTA 6 will apparently set creative benchmarks within the industry.