Concrete Genie Moved to Early 2019 Release Window

Since the game’s announcement during Paris Games Week 2017, Concrete Genie‘s release date has remained nebulous. As recently as E3 2018, developer Pixelopus has maintained the action/adventure title would arrive sometime in 2018. Plans do shift, though. Per a PlayStation Blog post, Concrete Genie is now slated to arrive in early 2019.

The blog post provides no reason as to what necessitates the move. Yet, more development time seems as good a guess as any other. After all, Concrete Genie does appear to be an ambitious project, given the premise of a young boy rejuvenating a town through art and art alone.

Barring the release window change, Pixelopus currently isn’t ready to offer any further updates. However, according to the PlayStation Blog post, more details are coming “in the months and weeks ahead.” What this new information will entail remains to be seen.

Concrete Genie follows Ash, a young boy whose hometown of Denska suffers through the aftermath of an environmental disaster. A supernatural force of some kind ravages progress, prompting many of the town’s citizens to flee. Thus, Ash must bring life back to Denska, an effort accomplished by the use of a magic paintbrush and Ash’s unique artistic ability.

Based on what’s been shown of the title, so far, the awe-inspiring beauty of the world serves as its main draw. Bright colors, picturesque designs, and a compelling central narrative will undoubtedly land Concrete Genie on the radar of many.

Though there’s now an early 2019 release window, Concrete Genie still lacks a specified launch date.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]