melbits world

PlayLink Title Melbits World Releasing in November 2018

As promised earlier this year, Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain has announced that its PlayLink title Melbits World will release on November 14, 2018.

An official overview of the title is as follows:

The Melbits are lovely and cute things living in the Internet, hidden between the wires, optical fibers, and connections. These adorable creatures were born once we started sending kitten pictures and other good stuff through the Internet.

In Melbits World, you have to help the adorable Melbits to find their way out of 36 levels full of dangers and hazards. The game offers unique cooperative gameplay that blends physical and digital play, allowing the whole family to have fun together.


  • Cooperate with your friends and your family to save the Melbits. The game is designed to be a fun experience for kids, adults and families!
  • Discover an innovative take on classic gameplay where you don’t control the characters but the environment
  • Guide the Melbits through the Internet during 36 levels scattered across four different worlds
  • Every Melbit is different, collect as many as possible! Each Melbit has a different size, weight and speed and they are divided into families, each with its own unique traits
  • Customize your Melbits with super cool apparel and accesories that can be earned throughout the game

Check out a trailer below.