Disney Infinity’s Former VP of Production Joins Gearbox Publishing

John Vignocchi, the former VP of Production for the Disney Infinity franchise, has announced that he will be joining Gearbox Publishing as an executive producer for a new, unannounced IP. You can read Vignocchi’s announcement, below:

Big news! Excited to announce I am joining the merry band of misfits at Gearbox Publishing. I’ll be taking the reins as Executive Producer on a new tent-pole franchise for the company. We will be working on something that we hope will surprise and delight gamers of all ages; whether you’re six or sixty… And I cannot wait to share more!

Vignocchi is no novice when it comes to the gaming industry. He was a development director overseeing different IPs at Disney, then moved to VP of Production on the Disney Infinity platform from 2012 to 2016. That’s seven years of experience in what was undoubtedly a massive undertaking. Vogster Entertainment and Midway Games are other places he can attribute experience with, having served eight years with the latter in different positions.

Although it’s been confirmed through a tech demo and a developer’s tweet that Borderlands 3 is in production, it has yet to be officially announced. It was also recently announced that Borderlands 2 would be making its way to PlayStation VR as Borderlands 2 VR, meaning that we may start seeing the revival of the somewhat dormant franchise soon. It’s unlikely that’s the IP that Vignocchi is heading up however, as he talks about a “new tent-pole franchise for the company” and Borderlands is hardly new.

What do you guys think this addition to Gearbox means? What are you expecting from the new Gearbox IP? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: GamesIndustry]