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DICE Is Looking for Interns to Study Toxic Behavior in Battlefield

Ahead of the launch of Battlefield V, DICE has posted an internship for graduate students that involves them studying and looking for ways to combat toxicity. The person would help them look into the way people behave when playing the studio’s games.

The DICE job listing reads as follows:

We want everyone to have fun playing Battlefield and participating in its community. Occasionally some players will behave… less than great though. This projects aim is to give engineers and producers a deeper insight into our players behavior on the Battlefield to help deliver a better experience for everyone.

Investigations include:

  • What type of disruptive behavior do we see in Battlefield today?
  • What drives or triggers people to disrupt other players games?
  • How can we prevent disruptive behavior in our titles and community?
  • What are some experiments we could conduct to measure benefits of punishing bad or rewarding good behavior?

This Master Thesis is an unpaid internship for graduate students in DICE’s Stockholm, Sweden office. If you’re interested in applying, here are the additional stipulations:

The Master Thesis needs to be associated with a Swedish University education or any other type of education that has a Master Thesis or internship period planned into the curriculum, in an area of study in human behavior such as psychology, medicine etc.

The next entry in this franchise, Battlefield V, isn’t even out yet. Even so, it has already brought out some “less than great” behavior in players regarding the addition of women in the game.

DICE’s stance on that issue, alongside this internship posting, bodes well for positive community building. Perhaps we’ll see some better behavior from players when Battlefield V launches on November 20, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. As a reminder, the launch is only the beginning, as Battlefield V will have plenty of free DLC over the next few months.

[Source: DICE via Gamasutra]