Anthem’s First Mission Shown Off in New Gameplay Video

At Paris Games Week 2018, BioWare arrived with something new to show off Anthem. A livestream hosted during PGW showcased over twenty minutes of gameplay footage. The gameplay, seen from the perspective of the Storm Javelin, featured content in Anthem’s first mission, and provided a look at the ultimate abilities for Storm and Interceptor Javelins.

You can check out the full stream in the video below.

The first mission, titled The Lost Archanist, tasks players with venturing beyond the protective walls of Fort Tarsis to find an Archanist, Matthias Sumner. Apparently, Matthias is pretty significant to the world of Anthem, as are the Archanists. This faction of “scientist-mystics” research the world, intent on studying and preserving all there is to know about humanity.

Because this is alpha footage, Anthem is not at its best, graphically speaking. The same will likely hold true of another livestream developers from BioWare plan to host soon. Lead Producer Mike Gamble recently revealed he and a fellow producer, Ben Irving, will stream Anthem gameplay on November 1, 2018. In his announcement on Twitter, Gamble said he hoped that whatever “random build” they choose to play from doesn’t crash.

What Gamble and Irving aim to show during their stream of Anthem remains to be seen. Additionally, neither developer has specified what time the stream will begin.

BioWare’s Anthem hits the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One early next year on February 22, 2019. Before launch, an Anthem demo goes live on February 1st.