Jet Set Radio Merchandise Rolls in From SEGA

Are you an inline skating graffiti artist looking to establish your own image? You need look no further. SEGA has just released a new line of Jet Set Radio merchandise for fans of the cult classic to enjoy. The items are listed, below:

  • SEGA Jet Set Radio Yellow Ringer Tee- $29.95

  • SEGA Jet Set Radio Graffiti Denim Jacket- $99.95

  • SEGA Jet Set Radio Aqua Zip Hoodie- $44.95

  • SEGA Jet Set Radio Patch Set- $24.95

  • SEGA Jet Set Radio Water Bottle- $21.95

  • SEGA Jet Set Radio Beat Glasses- $12.95

  • SEGA Jet Set Radio Yellow Hoodie- $44.95

  • SEGA Jet Set Radio Stencil- $12.95

  • SEGA Jet Set Radio Tablet Case- $24.95

Jet Set Radio Merchandise

If Jet Set Radio is one of those games you found yourself missing out on, I strongly encourage you to find a way to get it in your hands. The game was a hyper stylized, cel-shaded wonderland that had you tagging spots while evading the law in open environments, all while listening to an awesome jazzy, trip hop soundtrack. Developer Dinosaur Games sadly had their concept designs for a second game rejected by SEGA last year, with no clear indication of why their rejection was reasoned. If you’re looking for something similar to Jet Set Radio, I recommend Hover, a game with welcome similarities.

How does the merchandise appeal to fans of the series? What about those that just think the garb looks sweet? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Twitter]