Start Your Day Right With a Sonic Bowl of Lúcio-Oh’s, Part of a Balanced Breakfast

They’ve finally done it. Overwatch has finally found a way of infiltrating our kitchens with their newly announced Lúcio-Oh’s cereal, made in collaboration with Kellogg’s Cereal. By turning Lúcio’s Sonic Amplifier waves into edible deliciousness, Blizzard is hoping to provide you with a balanced breakfast to help you get out and on the go almost as fast and annoyingly as Lúcio, himself. If you weren’t aware, Lúcio-Oh’s were already canon within the Overwatch universe, but much like Mei’s Snowball and Genji’s sweet-looking sword, Blizzard seems compelled to bring most of their beloved creations into the real world, one way or another.

Neither Kelloggs Cereal or Blizzard have stated whether the cereal will make its way to store shelves in the United States or not, but they’ll be debuting in some capacity in December 2018. Purchasing Lúcio-Oh’s will also give you some in-game items, which will be found inside the box.

If that’s not enough to satisfy your hunger for more Overwatch stuff, the LEGO sets were recently leaked (and then revealed fully at BlizzCon) and seem to be on the right track to providing a purchase worth making. If you missed the big announcement, Overwatch’s 29th hero is headed to the game. Ashe is a brutal new fighter that has a lot of interesting tricks up her sleeve. Don’t expect to see a new map though. It seems like this brand new character is our big Overwatch reveal for this year’s Blizzard event.

Make sure you don’t miss our full Overwatch lore guide, looking at all 28 characters and their place within the universe. Looks like we have one more character to add to the mix!

Who here is already feeling the distinct lack of Lúcio-Oh’s in their cereal bowls? Let us know in the comments!

[Source: Twitter]