Blizzard Co-Founder Allen Adham Confirms New Projects Are in Development at Blizzard

Game Informer had a chance to interview Blizzard co-founder and executive producer Allen Adham at BlizzCon 2018, following the not-so-well received announcement of the mobile-exclusive Diablo: Immortals. During the interview, Adham mentioned several unannounced projects that are being developed throughout Blizzard’s multitude of teams, led by Tom Chilton and Dustin Browder. The projects are being developed by Blizzard veterans, and Adham compares their inception to how Overwatch began, with Jeff Kaplan breaking away from World of Warcraft to work on what eventually became the hero shooter.

Adham had this to say regarding their distribution of talent:

Each one of those teams is between a hundred and three-hundred people. And each one of those teams has been around for at least a decade. So again, staff top-to-bottom with bonafide Blizzard developers, that lets us – and if you look at Overwatch, that’s how Overwatch started. Jeff Kaplan was the co-game director on World of Warcraft for a long time and he left to start something new, which eventually became Overwatch. Tom Chilton – so, this isn’t commonly known, but we do talk about it – Tom Chilton left World of Warcraft a few years ago. He’s on something new. Dustin Browder left Heroes of the Storm. He’s on something new.

Adham then went on to confirm that these “new” things are indeed different projects. With that confirmation, and reports of Diablo 4 being pulled at the last minute before BlizzCon 2018 (which was later rebuked by Blizzard), it begs the question as to why Blizzard held back on their announcements in favor of a mobile title. It seems that only time will tell.

Why do you think Blizzard held back on announcing future projects? What do you think is being worked on behind-the-scenes at the studio?Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Game Informer]