Creed: Rise to Glory Is Getting a Creed II Themed Update

With Creed II arriving in theaters soon, Creed: Rise to Glory is getting its first free content update. On November 27, 2018, Danny Wheeler and Viktor Drago are joining the fight. You can face off against these characters and even play as them in the game’s online PvP mode.

Considering the fact that this boxing simulator is meant to put players in the shoes of movie protagonist, Adonis Creed, it makes sense that an update would arrive around the same time as the film.

Both Wheeler and Drago are the antagonists of Creed II, so it’ll be fun for fans to step into the ring as a modern-day Adonis Creed after watching the movie on November 21th.

Additional fighters are something the Creed: Rise to Glory community has been asking for since the game’s release. Hopefully, these fighters are the first of many to arrive post-launch.

Creed: Rise to Glory is out now for PlayStation VR. You can save on both the game and PSVR bundles with PlayStation’s Black Friday deals. At which point, Creed: Rise to Glory will be 50% off.

If you’ve yet to step into the ring yourself, be sure to read our review of Creed: Rise to Glory.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]