Early Details and a Release Date Emerge for KonoSuba RPG

Entergram recently announced a dungeon-crawling RPG based on the KonoSuba series, but the announcement was scant on details. Now, retail listings for the game have appeared, which reveal the game’s Japanese title, release date, and more details about the game.

Gematsu has offered a translation of the Japanese title, calling it KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on this Wonderful Worls! The Labyrinth of Hope and Gathering of Adventurers! That’s quite a mouthful, and of course subject to change via official sources with or without a localization. A release date of March 28, 2019 is also part of these listings.

Gematsu also translated the game descriptions in the product listings, which you can check out below, along with some new images:

The Series’ First Dungeon RPG Adventure

Aqua obtains a fragment of a magic stone that contains hidden power. In search of that magic stone’s mighty power and value, Kazuma, who had been enjoying a calm life, rises once again! This is a 3D dungeon RPG where players will borrow the strengths of new comrades to traverse many ruins and labyrinths, battle monsters that block the path forward, and unearth the mystery behind the magic stone.

Form a Party with Your Favorite Characters

For the main story, you can form a five-character party with the protagonist Kazuma in addition to Aqua, Megumin, Darkness, and one more character . Outside of the main scenario, you can take on guild quests where you can choose the four non-Kazuma party members as you like. There are also quests that only specific party members can receive, so the breadth of your adventure will expand depending on your party formation. Form a party of your favorite characters, or form one that is balanced and efficient. How you put together your party is up to you!

Plenty of CG to Enliven the Story and Battles

This is a new adventure full of many CG, from beautiful event CG that stir up the story to cut-in CG that enliven battles.

Obtain and Change Costumes on Your Adventure

You can obtain new costumes as you progress through the story and as rewards for completing guild quests. These can be equipped to Kazuma and company to change their outfits. Searching for familiar costumes from the anime and special costumes are one of the highlights of the adventure. (Costume changes are reflected in character portraits and battle cut-in CG.)

[Source: Gematsu]