Get to Know Left Alive’s Mikhail, Olga, and Leonid

Since revealing the North American and European release date, Square Enix has been keeping mum about Left Alive. Thankfully, that’s just changed with the launch of a new trailer. The latest look at the upcoming third-person shooter teases a bit more about each of the three protagonists, Mikhail, Olga, and Leonid.

Take a look at the people who have survived.

The trailer offers a rundown of where the three main characters stand when the events of the game begin. Set in the Front Mission Universe, Left Alive revolves around a single incident in war-torn Nova Slava in 2127. According to the trailer, a Staff Sergeant named Mikhail must survive the conflict after losing his mech in battle. Olga, a Police Captain, finds herself in the middle of the incident while investigating disappearances in Nova Slava. Leonid, who appears to be an ex-soldier of some kind, hunts for his former employer after being framed for murder and sentenced to death. Needless to say, Left Alive has a diverse cast of characters.

Left Alive comes from the minds of Toshifumi Nabeshima (Armored Core director), Yoji Shinkawa (Metal Gear’s character artist), and Takayuki Yanase (mech designer on Xenoblade Chronicles X). Based on what’s been shown, thus far, this legendary team of game developers has something special on their hands. Hopefully, Square Enix reveals more about the game soon.

Left Alive will land on the PlayStation 4 early next year on March 5, 2019.