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Left Alive is Already Receiving a Massive 60% Price Cut in Japan

Square Enix’s stealth-action title Left Alive hit Japanese store shelves on February 28, 2019. Now, about one week following its launch, the game’s price has already been slashed by a whopping 60%. A ResetEra user shared the news, alongside a photo of Left Alive on a Japanese store shelf. Unmistakably, the massive price drop from 8,300 yen (about $75 USD) to 2,980 yen (about $27 USD) does not look good for a game that just released.

Brick and mortar stores are not the only places steeply cutting the Square Enix title’s price, either. The cost of Left Alive on Amazon Japan has also taken a colossal hit, with the original sale price being cut by 67%. Indeed, this seems to indicative of new game release that is already struggling to move units. The question now becomes if and when similar price drops will make their way to Western markets. At this time the digital storefront pricing on platforms like the PSN remains up at a full $60, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it start appearing in Flash Sales and other weekly deals. (Don’t miss the Flash Sale happening this weekend, even if it doesn’t include Left Alive!)

Left Alive’s February release in Japan was met with little excitement, most notably due to poor reviews. Given its equally poor reception elsewhere, the same can be said of the game’s March 5th release in North America and Europe. Most reviewers appear to agree that a vast majority of Left Alive’s issues lie with cumbersome controls and flawed game design choices. Thus, despite its Metal Gear influence, especially evident in the involvement of Metal Gear artist Yoji ShinkawaLeft Alive doesn’t do much to keep players engaged long-term. Many of these sentiments were shared in our own review, which, at the time of writing, is arguably more favorable than others.

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