Rumor: Spanish Voice Actor May Have Confirmed a New Mortal Kombat Project

Every so often, it seems as though we see franchise co-creator Ed Boon teasing the next Mortal Kombat installment. However, the 11th mainline title has yet to receive an official confirmation of any kind and no games have been announced. It seems that the secret may have escaped the Netherrealm, thanks to a tweet from Spanish voice actor Lalo Garza.

Garza, who provides the Spanish voices for Kung Lao and Reptile, announced that he regrettably won’t reprise his roles in Mortal Kombat XI on Twitter. He then went on to say in another tweet that he is unsure if the next project is Mortal Kombat XI or some other game, but that he was not called upon to provide voice acting for it.

According to Garza, the decision came from Pink Noise Studios, a game localization company based in Madrid, Spain and Mexico City, Mexico. Given that he’s specifically referring to the Spanish Language version, it remains to be seen what this entails for the next Mortal Kombat overall.

The most telling part of Garza’s tweet is his use of the #MortalKombatXI hashtag. Naming conventions for 2011’s Mortal Kombat, commonly referred to as MK9, and Mortal Kombat X indicates the next entry will be numbered. However, his follow-up tweet says he doesn’t know if it would have been MK10.5 or MKXYZ.

Regardless of reported titles, it seems we are due for another Mortal Kombat or a new NetherRealm project in general. Since MK9’s announcement in 2010, NetherRealm-related reveals and releases have followed a pattern. MK9 launched in 2011, followed by Injustice: Gods Among Us‘ 2012 reveal and 2013 launch. MKX’s announcement hit the web in 2014, with a release in 2015. Injustice 2 information began rolling out in 2016, culminating in a 2017 launch date. Surely, news of some sort is imminent.

[Source: Lalo Garza on Twitter via GearNuke]