Meet Rainbow Six Siege’s Nomad

Ubisoft recently revealed Rainbow Six Sieges fourth season of content, “Operation Wind Bastion.” Along with this news came minimal details about the Moroccan setting, the Fortress map, and two new Operators. One Operator, a defender named Kaid, has already been announced. Now information concerning the other Operator, an attacker called Nomad, has recently gone live. These fresh details include a full character rundown and an official first look at Nomad.

Check out a glimpse of Nomad in the trailer below:

Nomad’s signature gadget is an Airjab Launcher, a rifle attachment that allows her to deploy non-lethal devices. This addition to her artillery was a long time in the making, as her combat experience prior to joining Rainbow Six spans several years. Described as an “introspective dreamer and practical survivalist,” Nomad cut her teeth in the Royal Moroccan Army. From there, she graduated from Kasbah Sehkra Mania, enlisted in the GIGR, a Moroccan Royal Gendarmerie regiment, and went on to serve with the Mountain Infantry Battalion. During Nomad’s many tours with the Battalion, she acted as its environmental operations expert.

Ubisoft plans to show off both Kaid and Nomad in all their glory during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals on November 18, 2018. Fans interested in seeing the reveals live can view the festivities via Rainbow Six’s official Twitch account.

[Source: Ubisoft]