Fallout 76 Player’s Character Just Can’t Die, Thanks to a Bug

Half the fun of playing a Fallout game is exploring the dangerous world you find yourself in. In the fallout (heh) of a nuclear war, things are bound to be different and scarier. That, more often than not, involves the constant threat of being killed by anything and everything you encounter. But what happens when you can’t die? Turns out, it makes playing the game a lot less fun. It’s a lesson one Fallout 76 player learned, as their character literally cannot die.

A Reddit user known as “Brogadyn” found that their character is incapable of dying. No matter how hard they try, their character simply survives it all, no matter how deadly the circumstances. Even the instant-kill fissure in Whitespring is no match for Brogadyn, who apparently is now a god. No one is sure exactly why the character can’t die, but according to Brogadyn, it has ruined the experience of playing Fallout 76.

They have had to limit themselves to “more boring activities” so the “exploration, or the PvP aspect” isn’t ruined by their immortal state. The player is close to level 100, recently reached the bottle cap limit, and is at a point of frustration. Thankfully, it appears that Bethesda is on the case, as the official Bethesda Reddit account responded to the user. Hopefully, this story has a happy ending. Which, in an ironic twist, would involve death.

Bugs in a Fallout game are nothing new, but they seem to be even more prevalent in Fallout 76. A massive 47GB update recently attempted to address some of these issues. Fallout 76 may be getting review-bombed on Metacritic, but many critics haven’t been hot on it, either. Our own review called Fallout 76 “very middling.”

[Source: Reddit]