Try to Pick Out Tidbits From Capcom’s Cryptic Resident Evil 2 Teasers

It’s been a bit since we’ve last seen something from Resident Evil 2. With a little less than two months until it’s January 25, 2019 release date, we should be seeing more of it in the coming weeks. However, Capcom has decided to whet our appetite a tiny bit with a group of Resident Evil 2 teasers. The clips, which run about seven seconds each, don’t offer much, but they certainly have caught our attention.

Check them out right here:

If you’ve followed Resident Evil 2 at all since its announcement, you already know how great this game looks. It’s nice to see the RE Engine (also used in Devil May Cry 5) pulled back from the first-person view of Resident Evil 7, so we can truly take in its beauty. With the staggering amount of people working on this game, it may be the best-looking set of scares out there.

The cryptic nature of these videos is a bit curious, however. They were seemingly released with no fanfare or prior warning. Is it possible this is a lead-up to The Game Awards 2018? Obviously, this is all speculation, but with more announcements planned, Resident Evil 2 may be at the show to scare up the audience.

Resident Evil 2 will be released on January 25, 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.