800 Devs Reportedly Worked on the Resident Evil 2 Remake

In the recent Capcom NHK broadcast, which aired in Japan, details about the number of developers working on the Resident Evil 2 remake emerged. Alex Aniel, a fan who’s publishing a book about Resident Evil’s history, tuned in to the broadcast and has relayed workforce details in a Twitter post. According to Aniel, Capcom reportedly had upwards of 800 people ensuring the highly-anticipated remake sees the light of day.

Aniel’s Twitter post reads as follows:

In a time where Ubisoft employs thousands of developers worldwide to work on a single Assassin’s Creed title, this news doesn’t seem too surprising. However, Capcom’s transition from having 600 team members on Resident Evil 6 to the alleged 800 on a remake is pretty astounding.

Based on what Capcom’s shown, a lot of love, time, and effort went into the development of the Resident Evil 2 remake. For one, this project isn’t merely a retelling and repackaging of what came before. It’s been reimagined and rebuilt from the ground up, to ensure it meets gaming’s modern standards. The development team prioritized the following changes: updated sound quality, a modernized use of the camera, and superior controls.

Additionally, the story has expanded, which will allow players to explore new areas and spend more time with characters that were once relatively insignificant. Capcom has also abandoned the controls from the original release in favor of something more up-to-date. Though the developers were initially concerned with how fans would respond to such changes, Capcom has said reactions to the game’s reveal were “overwhelmingly positive.”

Fans will be able to return to the horrors of Resident Evil 2 when the remake drops on January 25, 2019.

[Source: Alex Aniel on Twitter via GearNuke]