Fans Are Unleashing Their Inner Sith in Beat Saber PSVR

Finally out on PlayStation VR, Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games to date. This rhythm game isn’t affiliated with Star Wars, but gamers can’t help but imagine a gallery far, far away when using the PlayStation Move controllers to dual-wield lightsabers. With that in mind, PSVR fans have modded their PS Move controllers to function as a single, double-sided lightsaber reminiscent of the one Darth Maul has in Star Wars.

On the PSVR subreddit, user Pavlos_Human made a step-by-step DIY so others can make their own “Darth Maul attachment.” It sounds cool in theory, but for added reassurance, Mr_NigNog posted a video showing the mod in action. Some players have reported that Beat Saber is “almost a different game” when played with this single lightsaber.

Here is my Darth Maul mod in action! Some asked, wondering how it worked, and it works great! from r/PSVR

Beat Saber isn’t the first game to send the PSVR community into a modding frenzy. Earlier in 2018, Firewall: Zero Hour had fans extending their PlayStation Aim controllers for an extra layer of comfort and control. In general, the PSVR community is always looking for ways to tweak peripherals and find solutions to cumbersome VR problems.

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[Source: Reddit]